Meet SpendLists

A privacy-focused budget and expense tracking list. 

 See none of your data and no account is required.

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Available for iOS • iPadOS • MacOS

Why SpendLists?

Secure, privacy-focused, no account required, plus intuitive user interface in any orientation across Apple Platform. Multiple currencies support in a list? YES.

Design to meet your taste

From custom app icon, tint color, list type, insight chart, dark mode,  Auto Dark Mode by screen brightness and many more.

Best use cases

Daily / Weekly / Monthly expense list, grocery list, birthday or event list

Everyday online selling or purchasing

Trip budget list or any general-budget list

See your expense with Insight Chart.

From line chart to pie chart, you can view your expense as daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or any duration in any currencies.

SpendLists loaded a lot of features, iCloud sync, multiple currencies in the same list, group item by tag or date, app lock, list lock, blazing fast search, item reordering, haptic feedback and many more to experience. 

Handle any list dealing with money in one spot.

Download Now
Available on iOS • iPadOS • MacOS