Welcome to SpendLists

A heavy privacy-focused budget and expense tracking list with multiple currencies support in single list.

See none of your data and no account is required.

Available for iOS • iPadOS • MacOS


Build for iOS 14 and More.

All of the features you'd expect in a best in class app.

Dark Mode

Turn out the lights with our gorgeous dark mode support.

Multiple Windows

First class support for multiple windows on iPadOS.

iPadOS Cursor

Optimized for the mouse on iPad.

Any Device Size

We support every device orientation and size for multitasking.

iCloud Sync

No sign up or account needed, your data everywhere with your iCloud account.

Context Actions

Quick actions, context menus and more are baked right in.

Drag and Drop

Reordering multiple items with only one drag a away.

Rich Links

Enjoy rich link previews when you add links to items.

Export Lists

To PDF, as an image or CSV.

Import Statements

From Apple Card, ABA Statement and other support apps.

Triple Column

Take the advantage of big screen on iPad with triple column.

Your tastes

From custom app icons, tints, languages and more.

Sync lists across your devices.

With iCloud sync enabled, SpendLists will seamlessly sync all of your lists and items to all of your devices.

Import Apple Card®

Import your monthly transactions from Apple Card with ease.

Why I should choose SpendLists?

SpendLists loaded a lot of features, iCloud sync, multiple currencies in the same list, group item by tag or date, app lock, list lock, blazing fast search, item reordering, haptic feedback and many more to experience.


Work great on large screen.

Best in class iOS app, multitask like a pro. Multiple windows, split screen or slide over? We got you. Drag and drop multiple items at once with ease. Import your Apple Card® Statement, ABA Bank Statement, MoneyNote report and more to come. Lock list, change app icons, tint color, auto dark mode by brightness and many more in settings.

Standing out from the crowd with custom app icons.

More to choose, and more to come.

Handle any list dealing with money in one spot.

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Available for iOS • iPadOS • MacOS